To keep our date fun and exciting, please review and respect my guide for etiquette when we meet. Above all, I want us to relax and have a good time without any concern or distraction.

Place your donation in an obvious place   [expand]

Please leave your donation in an obvious place when you arrive such as the bathroom counter or the kitchen table where it can be easily seen. [/expand]

Rates are non-negotiable  [expand]

Please don’t try to negotiate my donation, ask for a discount or “special” of any kind. In such case, I unfortunately will have to decline the meeting. All dates are one hour minimum. If you are a busy professional, I will not be offended if you have to leave early. However, the donation applies based on the time you booked. [/expand]

Hygiene is important  [expand]

Please arrive freshly showered or you are absolutely welcome to use my shower! Excellent hygiene is a must.[/expand]

Please do not overstay your time  [expand]

Although I am not a clock watcher, please be considerate. If you choose to stay longer, be prepared to include the added donation for that time. I don’t want our date to turn into an uncomfortable situation where I have to ask you to leave. [/expand]

Please be on time for your appointment  [expand]

I understand that traffic can sometimes be an issue or you may be running late from a business meeting, but I respect and value being on time for you. Please do the same for me. [/expand]

Cancellation  [expand]

Cancellation fee will apply [/expand]

No “off the clock” dates  [expand]

Unfortunately, I am not available for “off the clock” dates nor hang outs during free time. All time spent with me must be compensated appropriately according to my donations guide. [/expand]

Safety first  [expand]

Safety is my highest priority and I will not entertain gentleman who do not respect this. While I do offer the most liberal and sensual experiences available, I have certain limits to help me feel physically safe and mentally comfortable. This is usually a non-issue, as the gentleman that see me share the same ideas and are aware of the possible repercussions. If I feel you are trying to engage in a specific activity without first taking the proper precautions, I will have to ask you to leave. Additionally, I will decline any future requests to meet. [/expand]

Dress requests  [expand]

I want us both to have a wonderful time and dress requests are gladly welcomed! I am open to new ideas and will always try to accommodate your request. But please understand, sometimes, this is not possible.

This is to be a rendezvous to remember and I look forward to meeting you!